About us

About us

Our philosophy and approach

The common thread running through the Accountax outsourcing is one of partnering. We believe we are unique in the way that we underpin this proposition with our four ‘Pillars for Partnership’.

Our principles of transparency, collaboration and open-book working are not only contained in a Charter with all our clients but are also codified into our contractual terms.
Our practices are reflected in our day-to-day problem-solving attitudes and behaviours where issues are addressed and resolved jointly with our clients.
We commit partner time to our client engagements that places our most experienced team members with our clients who are seen consistently throughout the life of the engagement.
We do not treat these services as a commodity, but as a service that generates value for our clients and build robust, long-standing relationships with them.

AccounTax Outsourcing

Our Approach

Our fundamental approach is to ensure that the accounting function is setup optimally to ensure that your operations run smoothly, minimize the time spent on all sides gathering and providing information and ultimately, reducing costs for you.

When meeting new and existing clients we achieve this by reviewing the existing systems used by you and provide both simple and significant recommendations to optimize your accounting processes. We use a wide range of software and applications to assist clients in areas ranging from cash-flow forecasting to project management.

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AccounTax Outsourcing

Who We Are

AccounTax Outsourcing is an accounting outsourcing firm led by Syed Kashif Zafar FCCA Managing partner of SKZ Chartered Certified Accountants. It provides accounting outsourcing services across the globe and is based in UK.

Our range of outsourced services

What we offer

Bookkeeping services
Virtual FD
Payroll bureau and Pension
Cashflow Management
Credit control
Statutory accounts
VAT Returns
Group reporting
Company secretarial
Management accounting and reporting/KPIs

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